Technology Consulting

An organisation’s IT systems networks and computers contain vast amounts of data. The technology team within BTG Financial Consulting can turn this data into meaningful and useful information. BTG Financial Consulting has considerable experience in trading and performing assignments, large or small, complex or simple.

Specialising in:

  • e-Disclosure
  • Computer Forensic Investigations
  • Mobile Phone Forensic Investigations
  • Web Review Database Services
  • Electronic Fraud Pattern Analysis
  • Data Mining and Database Analysis
  • System Security Assessments

We use our technical experience, methodologies and tools to interrogate a wide range of information and data sources in an auditable, defensible manner. Uniquely, we have experts with specific experience in using the many systems employed in business, rather than just the specialised software used to interrogate data – allowing us to provide greater insight and to build flexibility into the process, as well as to explain what the data means. We can translate your requests into technical processes and explain in plain language what is possible and how it can help you.

In addition, we have acted as experts in a number of matters in courts worldwide, as technical consultants for negotiations on document submissions for governmental requests, and to help prove that document requests in legal matters were burdensome and disproportionate for clients.

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