Restructuring & Turnaround

There are a number of operational and financial challenges that can hinder business performance.  Our restructuring specialists can work closely with management and other stakeholders to identify key issues and create strategic restructuring solutions aimed at an immediate positive impact and a sound basis for future trading.

Our nationwide team of experts understand that running a company whose value is under threat can be highly stressful, which is why our approach is to work quickly and in partnership with stakeholders and recommend strategies that are straightforward to implement.  The goal of this approach is to assist management teams to make informed decisions about what needs to be done, and when, to secure the optimum outcome for the business.

Our services are tailored to the needs of the individual business, and include:

Our experienced restructuring specialists come from a broad spectrum of disciplines, sectors and industries. This combined expertise provides breadth and depth to the advice we can offer, not only in relation to the above services but also on specific sector and industry issues and challenges.

The crucial factor is to involve us as early as possible.

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Debt Restructuring
Our team of specialist consultants at BTG Financial Consulting provide services to a wide range of stakeholders whether it be companies, secured creditors, unsecured creditors, bond holders and equity participants.

We look to assess financial viability and free up cash flows in order to design tailor-made solutions for stakeholders who are facilitating a turnaround strategy.

Lender and Creditor Negotiations
Our experienced team has a proven track record of delivery when dealing with or on behalf of lenders and creditors.

Knowing when to use leverage is key to negotiations.  We continue to deliver results whether it be at the top table in syndicated negotiations or facilitating repayment plans with individual creditors.  We are able to work at all levels, subject to the scale of our engagement.

Cash Stabilisation
Companies facilitating a turnaround require a period of stabilisation. We are able to appease and communicate with creditors and mitigate risks via our trained team of professionals.  Cash is key in any business and with a trained eye for assessing risk, we have time and time again delivered successful turnarounds in conjunction with our bespoke cash management service.

Diagnostic Business Review
Across our national office network we have professional consultants who primarily focus on business advisory/reviews. This team has a broad skill and understands both the financial and operational issues that impact on businesses.

Our reviews don’t just tell you what you already know, they look to add value and provide key steps in order to facilitate change.

Diagnostic Model
Developed through years of experience, our tools include a diagnostic model which allows us to profile businesses and benchmark them against their competition.

Early assessment of a business via the model allows us to proactively inform stakeholders of key issues.  This positive and responsive approach sets us apart from our competitors.

Performance Improvement
We fully understand that every business has bespoke dynamics which impact on performance.  This may range from people to stock, to sector knowledge/know-how. to being able to monitor cost absorption correctly.

Our industry expertise affords us the knowledge to be able to quantify valuable performance improvements and ensure that these are delivered and sustained during and post our engagement.

Corporate Simplification
Over time, corporates may be left with a legacy of a group structure which becomes uncommercial and costly in terms of accounting and professional fees.  At BTG Financial Consulting we look to support corporates in decluttering their group structures.  This can be done in the guise of solvent or insolvent restructuring, with the main priority being to add value for the future.

Our corporate simplification service assists companies in reducing operating costs, mitigating risks and achieving value by producing a streamlined corporate structure.

Contingency and Insolvency Planning
When providing key strategic advice around restructuring and turnaround, we always need to be aware of key risks.  Experience has shown us that planning for an alternative/plan B scenario or the worst case is prudent in order to ensure stakeholders/clients have no surprises.

BTG Financial Consulting prides itself on the detail of its advice and the service and support it provides to its clients.

Optimised Exit Services
When a subsidiary business, division or branch is underperforming, our experienced team can assist in achieving an optimal recovery of value. By identifying the issues and evaluating available options, we can work with management to implement the agreed approach and help manage the fundamental risks in the process.

The planned outcome will be an increase in shareholder value by selling, restructuring, closing or winding down the underperforming business or subsidiary.

Interim Management
Our professionally run panel of interim executives provides support to management teams and comfort to stakeholders when working to facilitate change.

Our database is wide and varied and covers the full SME to plc spectrum.  Industry specialism is key when choosing the right partner and to that extent, every member of our panel is independently vetted and current CVs retained.[retour]