Our international network is multidisciplinary. Its members have a broad range of professional skills, including all of those needed to provide overall solutions to business problems. They include lawyers, accountants, insolvency practitioners, forensic investigators, profit improvement consultants, turnaround and restructuring managers and a host of other specialists.

Its members are leading players in their markets and have an international outlook, which reflects the increasingly global nature of business today.

Through the international network, BTG Financial Consulting can provide a unique resource. The members are respected professionals, with in-depth knowledge of their own markets and an ability to identify practical strategies to maximise the outcome from their assignments.

Business problems are more common than the skills needed to deal with them. Professional capacity in the global restructuring and insolvency market is an issue in all except the most developed jurisdictions. We are able to bring together resources to carry out assignments effectively, using local and regional experts to provide international solutions.

Finding cost-effective solutions is a key issue for struggling businesses and their stakeholders, whether they are operating in developed or emerging economies. We understand the need to add value through the work of our experts, so that their input to a declining business is not a cost, but a net benefit for the stakeholders.

Because the network is multidisciplinary, we can provide a team for each assignment who will work together to cover all requirements and avoid unnecessary duplication in professional costs.

Our members have an international outlook, so they are able to operate comfortably and effectively in cross-border situations, either with fellow network members or other overseas professionals and stakeholders.

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