Well-managed clubs with realistic forecasts and sensible budgets are not always rewarded with a trophy at the end of the season. They do, however, stand a more predictable chance of turning investment into profit. With an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of sport club management, we are able to work closely with clubs, creditors and investors to provide a strategic perspective on the direction of the business and achieve the right balance between the pursuit of on-the-pitch success and profitability off it.

  • Financial forecasting
  • Cash flow management
  • Short and long-term refinancing
  • Security and risk management
  • Fraud and litigation support
  • Disposals

Glorious expectations

In sport, the financial principles of running a healthy business are all too easily discarded. Poor economic decisions replace sound commercial practices – driven by fears of relegation and dwindling financial fortunes. Whatever the playing field, we help build a strong financial base for sports clubs – achieving harmony between the pursuit of end-of-season results and financial stability.

Turning struggling clubs around requires experience and a thorough appreciation of the unique nature of the business. We never shy away from stakeholders. We help adjust financial strategies, devise a plan and engage with the community to see it through.

But managing change takes time. Clubs that have called upon our expertise when there was still time to negotiate alternative routes of funding have come through the process and continue to inspire fans and serve investors.

Safety first

The potential for damage to both the balance sheet and reputation caused by corporate or player disputes should not be underestimated, neither should the impact of dubious dealings. Our experts work with sports professionals, clubs and their stakeholders to identify frauds, defend false allegations and uncover serious wrongdoings so that losses can be determined and those responsible can be held accountable. Where allegations that money has seemingly disappeared overseas have initiated lengthy disputes, we are able to determine if it is simply the result of poor management or something altogether more sinister – allowing owners and players to continue serving the ambitions of the club.

Deal making

From a platform of sound financial principles, we offer a range of consulting services that help improve performance and profitability. Where clubs are bought or sold, we have a track record of acting successfully for banks, purchasers or directors to maximise value. Cash flow shortages need careful management, which is why we work closely with board members and finance directors in preparing forecasts, negotiating more favourable short and long-term financing options.

Prized assets

For some it might be a star player, but in other sports a new piece of kit, perhaps a running shoe or a cyclist’s gear shifter: within the rules these can provide the edge that winners seek. Our technology and forensic analysis services have supported sporting clubs, franchises and manufacturers in the protection of their assets, both physical and intellectual, during investigations by regulators so that fair play and competition is allowed to thrive.

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