Real Estate

With extensive global and domestic market expertise and asset insight, our real estate restructuring professionals are able to help devise financial strategies to maximise value. In our opinion, time is of the essence and those who seek restructuring advice early will benefit from a wide range of financial and tactical avenues to recovery.

Regardless of whether a company is struggling with its borrowings or hasn’t got the resources to successfully negotiate with lenders and creditors, we can always add value. Our diagnostic business review process will forensically assess a real estate business, look at means to simplify its corporate structure, if relevant, and implement an interim management solution, and, where possible, stabilise its cash flow.

Portfolio Appraisal

We can review property portfolios in the cold light of day so that lenders are able to fully consider solutions such as debt forgiveness, in the realisation that values may not return to their pre-recessionary levels. Having acted within the market to support lenders and borrowers in this regard, we work carefully to match the realistic expectations of lenders by designing in a premium if the property is eventually sold at a higher price.


Stimulating transaction flow has never been more important for real estate companies; our financial consulting services are delivered from a position that is independent of your assets and the bank lending in place. As a result, we are increasingly called upon to help provide a more realistic impression of valuations which can help attract potential investors.

Debt Refinancing

In a challenging market, we have acted as a trusted intermediary by negotiating favourable repayment and debt management programmes devised to achieve mutual benefit for both sides. Support from the banking sector remains weak; however, through early intervention when portfolios are under strain, coupled with our teams’ experience in sustaining businesses through the decline, means we have received a sympathetic ear from lenders so that the underlying weakness of assets can be collectively addressed.

Risk Management

Situations where investors have been deceived into dubious or non-existent property and rental opportunities overseas can significantly impact on the overall health of a business. Our forensic real estate experts are able to uncover frauds and help recover lost investments.

Our advice includes:

  • Early stage advisory consultation
  • Diagnostic business review
  • Valuations
  • Investor and funding introductions
  • Stimulating transaction flow
  • Lender and creditor negotiation
  • Financial recoveries

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