Few sectors have to cope with such continuous pressures on performance and continual change as the healthcare and senior living sectors.

  • Delivering high quality services and world-class clinical outcomes
  • Safeguarding those undergoing treatment and in care
  • Coping with multiple, and sometimes incongruent, targets and extensive regulation
  • Dealing with a broad range of stakeholders and interest groups
  • Managing the consequences of historic capital decisions
  • Responding to the vagaries of the economy and planning for the future
  • Demonstrating strong governance

In addition, events outside of the control of the management team can often confound even the best-laid plans. If this were not enough, all of it has to be undertaken in the very public gaze of politicians, the press, patients and their families and other active interest groups.

Inevitably, there are times when large problems can be made much smaller with support from experienced, trusted advisers who are able to help in standing back, clearly analysing a problem and assisting in creating deliverable solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner.

The team at BTG Financial Consulting have experience, not only in acting as consultants, but as board members and restructuring professionals in this sector and are able, through this experience, to bring to bear genuine hands-on expertise.

Through our global network of contacts, we have access to models and solutions that have worked in other parts of the world and which may create the starting point for solutions not used in the UK but capable of being adapted and employed in this environment.

Delivering solutions through a broad skill base

Resolving issues in such a complex environment requires more than sector expertise. In acknowledgement of this, we have brought together a series of complementary skills to enable you to find valuable answers to complex problems:

  • Business Review and Restructuring – dealing with strategy, cost reduction, procurement, operational performance, treasury, business planning, funding and project management
  • Risk Management – dealing with governance, the security environment, disputes management and forensic exercises
  • Interim Management – providing experienced executives to provide or supplement leadership during periods of stress, mentoring, stakeholder management and team building

Our people understand the stresses that can exist in healthcare and senior living structures and recognise the importance of two-way communication and understanding between, for example, clinicians and management teams and that solutions of necessity have to encompass the sometimes divergent interests and objectives of such groups. Our aim, therefore, is to deliver solutions that take into account different points of view, but also are underpinned by the need to prioritise outcomes for patients and occupants and to take into account the most valuable asset in this sector: the people who work in it.

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